Regeneration & Longevity

Regeneration & Longevity Educational Platform

Bio Quantum Academy, Canada - Holos Academy, Switzerland
Dr. Parvin Zarrin, Canada and Dr. Steve John Chiola, Switzerland in a joint international educational program have created an Online Certification Program on "Regeneration, Anti-Aging & Longevity" that will be launching in July, 2022.

By learning the revolutionary and most innovative “Inside Out and Outside In” program, you would surely turn the aging clock back, prevent or even reverse the aging process gradually, gently and effectively.
The full course is offered as a series of Workshops on the Bio Quantum Academy’s  YouTube Channel as separate links.
There are several workshops with different topics to choose from.
Each workshop covers the two segments of "Inside Out & Outside In"

The general topics are headlined as:

    • Definition and causing of aging
    • Internal anti-aging and state of health
    • Aging hormones
    •  Aging factors
    • Anti-aging organ
    • Anti-aging hormones and proteins
    • Anti-aging and Metabolism
    • Cellular regeneration, repair and healing processRegeneration and longevity treatment techniques by our integrated approach

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